What Is Drop Leaf Games

Drop Leaf Games is a collection of my tabletop game designs, the inspiration and methods I use to create them. Like a drop leaf table that folds out into a larger playing surface, Dropleaf games aspire to have a larger play space than their visible components indicate.

My Designs

My design aesthetic tends towards tightly coupled systems. My starting point is usually an attempt to use a mechanism in a novel way. In the process my games feel like they grow organically. Like most designers, I would like to close the gap between initial intention and final result.

My Methods

I start many of my designs on my phone(android os). I use a collection of apps and methods I call PoDeSy: Pocket Design System. I plan to document my process on this site.

You’re Invited

I hope readers of this blog will try my games or find useful tools for designing their own games. Please contact me if you need more information about anything you read here.